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March 2018


Addressing Sexual and Gender Diversity in Dutch Development Cooperation

The working group on Sexual Diversity (SD) of Share-Net Netherlands initiated a mapping in the Netherlands on who is doing what & how around SD, using an online survey and interviews. The mapping gives a general insight into the extent to which a limited group of Dutch NGOs and universities address sexual and gender diversity (SGD) and the kind of activities they implement for addressing SGD. It also shows what and how the two main Dutch ministries, MoESC and MoF, active with SGD in development cooperation, address SGD and promote human rights for LGBTI. Finally, it shows which key concepts and related strategies the NGOs and ministries use for addressing SGD.
The full report can be accessed using the link below:
Addressing Sexual and Gender Diversity in Dutch Development Cooperation – Final Report

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January 2018

Stepwise sexual development of adolescents: the Dutch approach to sexuality education

by Sanderijn van der Doef and Jo Reinders

Dutch adolescents develop their sexuality in a stepwise manner, gradually progressing from first kiss to first sexual intercourse. Adolescents who follow a stepwise sexual development are more confident and engage in less risky sexual behaviour than those who do not. Thus, the stepwise ‘sexual career’ is an excellent model for guiding development of age-appropriate sex education.

Nature Review/Urology,VOLUME 15 | MARCH 2018

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December 2017

One of Sanderijn’s books for children on Sexuality Education, called ‘NEE!’, is translated and published in China. The book is about teaching children how to say NO! to unwanted touching and behaviour as well as how to say YES! to nice behaviour.

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