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What we offer

 We offer a broad range of services, based on 30 years (inter)national expertise on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Our target groups:

  • NGOs, secular and faith-based, and schools, academic institutions, institutions for young people in the out-side school setting, counselling institutions, all active in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)
  • SRHR professionals
  • Intermediaries of young people (teachers, youth workers, educators, parents, et cetera)
  • Children and young people, including refugees, disabled youth, LGBTs, young people with HIV, boys, girls, survivors of abuse, et cetera

Training, consult, courses, workshops, presentations and lecturing on:

  • Sexuality, sexual health & sexual right
  • Sexual development of young people/children
  • Parenting
  • Value clarification
  • Facilitation, including on sensitive issues
  • Counselling and motivational interviewing
  • Rights- and evidence based working
  • Gender-transformative working
  • Diversity & LGBT
  • Child abuse & Gender-based violence, Intervention Mapping, Behaviour Change & Intervention/curriculum development and implementation

Coaching and Counseling:

  • Intervention & program development and implementation
  • New young professionals and starting SRHR organizations


  • (quality of) proposal development
  • (quality of) programmes

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